The History

Founded in 1998 by Mr. Hong Chuong Lam, NQV’s first mission was to humbly support the local people and equip them with the garment profession as a clothing manufacturer. However, with Mr. Hong Chuong Lam’s vision and dedication, NQV quickly developed and achieved more than initially planned:

Entering 2018, NQV began their 2nd chapter with the new leadership inherited by Mr. Hong Phuc Lam, the founder’s son. Under his empire, Mr. Hong Phuc Lam aims to serve more clients worldwide, with more sophisticated techniques and in a more significant volume: now serving over millions of products per year.

NQV has used their most rated strength to win the hearts of the most high-demand clients: the efficient supply chain connection from raw materials and auxiliary materials, producing premium quality products according to various standards from the U.S., Japan, Germany, and continue counting. Like such, NQV has assisted not only big brand, but also small entity to start a clothing brand.


With over 20 years in production, NQV proudly serves a variety of products, from school and medical uniforms, to high-end fashion pieces. However, what represents the merit of NQV is the outstanding European-style shirts.

With the Swiss standards, NQV has distributed tailored shirts to more than 300 brands across European countries such as Italy, Germany, England, France, etc. NQV’s highly skilled workers can create sophisticated shirts for high-end customers, from politicians to bank presidents and the upper class.

Why NQV’s shirts excel:

  • High comfort: A pleasant feeling is an essential and highly appreciated factor of each dress shirt produced at NQV. Besides the outlook, customers need to feel enjoyable and demand the use of this shirt the following day.
  • Delicate form: Not following the industrial sewing trend, NQV traditionally assembles the products; the sewing speed and slow sewing method ensure a boutique quality in each created product, creating a natural look that makes the piece not constrained into a fixed pattern.
  • Sophisticated details: The product does not generate the industrially produced feeling; it provides the perception of much care in every needle, thread, and sewing method, from material handling to the final seam completion.

NQV proudly presents the dress shirt product, which offers not only the benefits of a shirt but also the experience of using a product that has existed with the flow of history since the 19th and now serves as a well-dressed motto of modern men.

our approach


  • Upgrade the technical skills and knowledge of the workers through training programes to ensure their competency aligns with our clients’ requirements.
  • We are committed to providing adequate welfare for our employees to ensure a pleasant work environment.


  • Learn from state-of-the-art methods and trends globally to enhance the solutions offered to clients.
  • Establish a European agency to deliver streamlined support and gain deeper insights into the demands of Western markets.

Sustainable development

Benefits for the workers, the company, and the clients.

  • For the workers: No to overtime, yes to more raise
  • For the clients: On time, in good quality, at the right number
  • For the company: Build trust, deliver value